The Centre for Training and Mission Drills for Tunnel Interventions

The Centre for Training and Mission Drills for Tunnel Interventions is the result of a partnership between the Fréjus Tunnel concession holding companies (SFTRF and SITAF) and the Savoie Department Firefighting and Rescue Services. The centre opened in April 2002 after two years of construction work.

This training centre is unique in Europe, both in its design and its operation. It enables trainees to learn and practice the specific intervention techniques for confined or semi-confined spaces (tunnels, underground carparks etc.), to be aware of the risks involved and to propose adapted operational behaviour and procedures. It is situated on the French platform of the Fréjus tunnel. It is open all year round to trainees from diverse backgrounds: tunnel operators, public or private rescue services, staff working on underground worksites, staff working on industrial worksites …

The technical infrastructure with a surface of 600 m², makes it possible to recreate several types of fire. The techniques taught include: speed of intervention, moving through a hot, smoke-filled environment, using thermal cameras, extinguishing techniques, teamwork and rescue organisation. Different types of fires and scenarios can be used singly or combined. From the simplest to the most complicated, they put the trainees into realistic professional and operational situations. Controlling their own reactions, evacuating or rescuing people in danger in a hot, completely smoke-filled environment such as a road tunnel, requires excellent training and regular drills.

The training centre is equipped with powerful mobile smoke generators, and is thus able to create smoked filled conditions in diverse underground engineering structures either for the purpose of safety drills or for testing safety equipment (AID, ventilation, etc.).

Officially registered as a training organisation with the “Préfecture” and the French National Research and Safety Institute (Institut national de recherche et de sécurité), The Centre for Training and Mission Drills for Tunnel Interventions is certified to deliver training in the framework of continuous professional training for in-company first-aid workers (SST), handling of extinguishers etc.