Traffic management and user information


This is carried out using:

  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) situated within the tunnel, at the toll gates and on the platforms.
  • Information documents given to users by toll collectors.
  • Safety instructions continually broadcast to users on 13 FM radio stations
  • Luminous signals every 500 m, blue luminous markers every 150 metres indicating the distance to be maintained between vehicles, and appliances giving information about speed and distance.
  • The video surveillance network. 241 cameras make up this network (204 cameras installed inside the tunnel, the others strategically placed covering the platforms and technical equipment). All their images are recorded and transmitted to screens in the French and Italian control rooms. A AID (Automatic traffic incident detection system) is used to analyse the images from the cameras to detect traffic incidents quickly, for example: smoke, stopped vehicle, slowing down or traffic jams in the tunnel.