Fréjus Tunnel intergovernmental commission (IGC)

The Fréjus Tunnel intergovernmental commission (IGC) was set up by law N°72-627 dated July 5th, 1972 was authorised approval of the convention between the French Republic and the Italian Republic concerning the Fréjus road tunnel.

Composed of representatives of the French and Italian line ministries, it oversees the concession and in particular, ensures that the provisions of the concession agreements are complied with, takes decisions under the authority delegated by the governments, including, when appropriate, any measures likely to facilitate construction and operation of the tunnel.

Lastly, in emergency situations, the IGC takes any decision required to ensure safety and is responsible for reporting back to the governments.

The IGC provides the French and Italian governments with opinions and recommendations. It is chaired alternately by the head of the Italian delegation then the French delegation for one-year periods. Currently, the head of the French delegation is Gilles FAVRET and the head of the Italian delegation is Francesco SABATO.