SFTRF : Fréjus tunnel French motorway company

The Fréjus tunnel French motorway company (Société Française du Tunnel Routier du Fréjus) is a semi-public company, whose main shareholder is the French State. The company’s mission within the framework of a concession from the French State, is to develop, maintain and operate the Franco-Italian Fréjus Tunnel and the Maurienne motorway in France.

Purpose and mission.

Operating the Fréjus Tunnel and the Maurienne motorway requires a variety of professional skills. Thus, on a daily basis, close to 300 people work to guarantee optimal conditions of safety and user comfort over the whole network.

  • Since it was commissioned in 1980, the 12.87 km long Fréjus Tunnel has been a core element of two major national and international trade routes linking France and Italy.
  • The 67.46 km of the Maurienne motorway, link the Fréjus Tunnel to the French motorway network. Harmoniously integrated into the Maurienne valley, the A43 motorway has opened up the valley, above all, the motorway ensures exceptionally easy access to winter ski resorts and the main business and industrial centres.