The Maurienne motorway

The Maurienne motorway is a 67.46 km stretch of motorway which went into service in 2000. This motorway links the Fréjus transalpine tunnel to the rest of the French national motorway network.

Harmoniously integrated into the surrounding environment, the A43 motorway opened up the Maurienne valley, and now ensures exceptionally easy access to winter ski resorts and the main business and industrial centres.

This motorway has 5 junctions (enabling exit and entry) and 3 half-junctions (where either exit or entry is possible). There are 4 rest areas, 2 service stations, 5 tunnels including the 3.68 km Orelle Tunnel, 16 flyovers and 4 canal aqueducts.

By canalising the heavy goods traffic between France and Italy, the A43 has improved traffic flow in the Maurienne valley, a major factor in improved safety in the valley.

Equally importantly, SFTRF’s priority of integrating the motorway into the environment has enhanced the attractiveness of the valley, for job creation and as a place to live but also as a tourist destination – a vital factor in revitalising the area.