Maintenance centres at the heart of the network.

The Maurienne motorway has two maintenance centres: the CESAM (Maurienne Motorway Maintenance and Safety Centre) and LA PRAZ, teams of Road Maintenance Technicians and a foreman are based at each centre.

The CESAM team covers the lower part of the motorway between Aiton and Saint Michel de Maurienne; the staff based at LA PRAZ cover the upper part of the motorway from Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne to the entrance to the Fréjus Tunnel. The agents’ missions include setting up road guidance devices, such as road markings and delineators required in the case of road works or accidents, cleaning/clearing the carriageway, and maintaining rest areas and landscaped areas.

During the winter, these two centres are also responsible for carrying out snow clearing and salt-spreading operations. Staff members include patroller who inspect the motorway continuously to detect the slightest anomaly which might affect traffic flow. The CESAM premises house the Control Room (PC) in charge of motorway surveillance and management, the technical workshops, the salt store, the brine production facility, the motorway operations department and the Gendarmerie Motorway Patrol Squad.